Meet the cast! More to come as the comic progresses!

Screename: Maniac
AKA: The Nonexistent Girl
Player Model: Combine Elite
Favorite way to blow off steam: Lighting some zombies on fire
"Oh god this server is Epic Fail"

Cynical and somewhat irate, Maniac had to deal with more assholes than she can count online. It doesn't help that females are rather rare on the online gaming scenes, so at best she's treated like a delicate flower (the 'let me get the door for you' complex) and at worst becomes the sever punching bag. Despite this she's developed a rather thick skin and a sharp tongue, and will usually stick around out of spite. Maniac is a committed relationship with her better, calmer half, Sluggy.

Screename: Sluggy
AKA: The Nerd
Player Model: Rebel
Favorite thing to build in GMod: Body cannons
"Omnomnom code!"

A rather quiet and calm individual, Sluggy somewhat resembles the invertebrate he's named after. Like Maniac he too has seen his fair share of online gaming and agrees that 99% percent of the lot of them must have some sort of brain damage, though he's too nice to really say so. Less trigger happy than his significant other, he rather prefers to build things, though most often they end up becoming death traps. He's a giant Nerd too btw.

Screename: Caketown
AKA: The Cake is a Lie guy
Player Model: Citizen
Favorite cube-shaped object:Companion Cube

Caketown is rather...special. He likes to spam the mic chat with all sorts of paranoid delusions about 'cake' and 'lies', and everyone can sort of agree he's played the game Portal too much before logging on the server. He's also most of the time, useless, sitting in corners and facing the walls more then helping fellow survivors survive. Though when pushed, he can turn into an awesome player, screaming his signature "THIS IS CAKETOWN" while mowing down zombies. He still is a weirdo.

Screename: Numbers
AKA: The Guy who has the unpronounceable name
Player Model: Zombie most of the time / Security Guard
Zombie Hero: Bub from Day of the Dead
"Sorry for noming you, I just wanted a zombie pal :("

Numbers is a rather nice player on the ZS server. Always apologetic for getting some tasty brains, he spends more time as a zombie than actually alive. Still, he's probably one of the more polite zombies. Nicknamed 'Numbers' after everyone on the server got tired of trying to pronounce his screenames over mic chat, he is still pretty good natured about it. He still loves his numbers, almost as much as he loves to get himself a nice serving of brains. He's pretty friendly to anyone, regardless of who they are, which makes Numbers a good pal to have around.

Screename: Sparkle Cow
AKA: That kid who really sucks at this game
Player Model: Terrorist
The screenname she really wanted: 'IKilledUrParents'
"Oh my god what the hell you guys, seriously."

'Sparkle Cow' is Maniac from wayyyyy back in the olden year of 2000 when she first got into the gaming scene. After being stuck with a stupid ass name, she tried her hardest to fit into the Counter-Strike community, even though she was the biggest damn newb on the planet back then. It was there she cut her teeth on the interworkings of the gaming world, but also developed her bitter and hostile streak after her somewhat unpleasant experience. But don't worry, eventually she stops sucking and turns into the Maniac of today.

Screename: Professor
AKA: 'Prof', Instructor on Tough Love
Player Model: Terrorist
Favorite way to fuck with Newbs: The classic 'F-10 Trick'
"Hey Newb! Comere, lemme show ya something funny!"

Professor rules the Counter Strike server in which he frequents as a top Admin, which means he can control several options, like Friendly fire, mostly at the expense to others. He at first appears to be a well spoken asshole, but if you really take a closer look, it seems he's only employing 'tough love' on the newbs that pass by. He takes it upon himself to give newer players a once over, even if it means he has to be a horrible douchebag in the process, but by god do those newbs turn into salty tough-as-nails-players in the end. He is called 'Professor' by the server folk for his habit of 'teaching' newer players, even if it resorts to Team-Killing and other such shenanigans.

Screename: The Tourney Fags
AKA: Those Assholes who made a game not fun
Player Model: Counter-Terorists
"Only a SCRUB would use that!!!"

A group of Tourney Fags who busted in on the server, quickly turning it to fail and unfun. These guys are the type of people who cannot gain a sense of control and respect in the real world, so they feel the need to try and get it in the Digital world, ending in fail. They feel the need to set rules and regulations on any game they come across, belittling people who actually play for fun, calling them 'Scrubs', 'N00bs'. But really they are trying to look somewhat important and 'elite' on a game server, which makes them look like idiots. They pose a threat though, as they tend to attract MORE tourneyfags and run the causal players off the server.

Screename: Spinnaz
AKA: The Aimbot Kid
Player Model: Counter-Terrorist
Preferred Personal Space: Two arm's lengths away
"Seriously, stop touching me please, over the internet."

Spinnaz is a casual gamer, that just wants to jump on for a few rounds of Counter-Strike after a hard day to relax. Sadly though after a few traumatizing instances of being TeaBagged in game, he developed an aversion to having any player model get anywhere near him. Hence his rather closely guarded 'personal space'. He tries though to work past that, and proves to be a valuable ally to his Counter-Terrorist homies, despite his habit of freaking out in the corner after people get too close to him.

Screename: Squick
AKA: "Wallhacks", the dude with the freaky eyes
Player Model: Terrorist (hoddie edition)
Really Really Hates: No-Clipping into walls
"I saw things....things you wouldn't BELIEVE"

Squick is that kid on the server that EVERYONE abuses. He's constantly mushed, pushed, blown up, and thrown all over the place, but he's too Durrrr to really take a great offense to it. He instead just volunteers for more, and well people take him up on the offer. He's cheerful though, and made friends easily with other people on the server, even if they push him around a little. But underneath is a cocktail of rage and epic fraggage just waiting to burst out at the right opportunity.

Screename: MC_Newton
AKA: The nerdiest of nerds.
Player Model: Dr.Kleiner
Favorite Equation: The equation of linear motion.
"No no no! The minus sign goes over here!"

MC_Newton is the head admin on his GMod build server. He's a rather cheery fellow that loves to just relax with other nerds, building death rays and full scale roller-coasters to unwind. He's great friends with the regulars on his server, and he eagerly welcomes new blood, even if they aren't quite up to snuff as the people he's used to working with. Still, he's a nice guy that just likes to spend his free time in the presence of other like minded nerds.

Screename: "The Nerds
AKA: "The dudes that burst into flame upon going outside"
Player Model: Dr.Kleiner
Fanboys over: Stephen Wolfram
"Advanced Calculus is fun!"

These are nerds that like to hang out with MC_Newton on his GMod Build server. They are a well educated bunch, with several degrees and PHDs between them. Being mathematicians and engineers, they take to building in Gmod much like a duck takes to being in water, but with more robots and working hover cars of course. They are very nice people regardless, but can only take so much shenanigans before they lose their cool.

Screename: The Herp Derps
AKA: The Hurp Durps.
Player Model: All of them
Found?: Everywhere.

The Herp Derps are the um....'special' online gamers on the vast reaches of the internet. Lacking any intermediate and basic skill, they pile on servers and beg for help. Everyone can hear them coming, due to their loud demands over the mic of things like "HOW I RELOD?", "HOW I GET AMMO HALP PLZ?" "I CANT JUMP HELP HOW I TURN ROUND HERP." It is advised to run upon spotting these people, as they will never, ever leave you alone.

Screename: Mr.Proveit
AKA: That one annoying asshole.
Player Model: Metrocop
Hopes to get one day: Some Nekkid pix.

Mr.Prove it is a huge, annoying, loudmouthed prick. He's a regular on the ZS DiG! servers back when they were still operational, and he didn't waste any opportunity to make an ass of himself. Not only does he harass every girl he see's to somehow 'prove' they are women, but he also loves to heckle new and kid players. The server begrudging puts up with his antics, even if he's a backstabbing team killer and prone to mic spamming.

Screename: 13
AKA: The only non-annoying 13-year-old-kid.
Player Model: Odessa Cubbage
Wishes they taught in school: Vampire Slaying.
"There's no school today! Yayyyyyy!!!"

13 is quite possibly one of the rare and elusive non-annoying kid gamers on the internet. He doesn't scream on the mic, he doesn't team kill, he's not annoying, all he wants to do is have fun on a server after school. Well, when he actually GOES to school and doesn't play hooky. People on the server like him because sadly, he's more intelligent and sensible than most people you would encounter in the gaming scene.