Questions and Answers! Updated as new things are asked. :>

Q.What is this comic's rating?
A.A VERY VERY strong PG:13. There won't be sex or nudity, but there will be strong cursing, violence, and some offensive crap dealing with the internets and it's people. WE SAY FUCK ALOT :|

Q.When does this comic Update?
A.Weekends, usually Saturday Night

Q.What is this comic about?
A.It's about my experiences as a girl playing various online games with other people. Needless to say, at best I was mainly treated like I was some delicate flower, and at worst pretty badly. Over my time playing online, the amount of fail and hilarity built up so much I decided to make a comic about it. So in a nutshell, it's a comic about dealing with the more wierder citizens of the Internet.

Q.What is Zombie Survival?
A.Zombie Survival is a Garry's Mod downloadable game type. Like the name suggests it's a team based game where it's survivors vs zombies. The main goal for the Survivors is to survive until the timer runs out and the Zombies goal is to try and eat everyone before the timer runs out. You can find out more about it [Here] and [Here].

Q.What is Garry's Mod / Gmod?
A.[Garry's Mod] (or Gmod for short) is a sandbox style game the requires a Valve game to work (Half-life, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, ect) It lets you spawn NPC's, build retarded contraptions, make movies, and play various player created gamemodes, like melon racer and zombie survival.

Q.Why have the Combine Elite as your Gmod player model? Shouldn't you have someone like Alyx cause you're a girl?
A.I love Elites. I actually picked an Elite as my player model when I first downloaded Gmod over a year ago and stuck with it since. I think they are cute :>. And no, Combine is the only way I roll.

Q.Omg are you really a girl?

Q.Do you have Steam? What is your Steam ID?
A. I do. It's 'ManiacTHP'

Q.How do you create the comics?
A.I hand ink and draw the art. Then I scan it and color it in Photoshop. Nuttin' too it.

Q.May I use your images for forum avatars/wallpapers/ect?
A.Sure, just don't try and claim it's your own or sell it and shit.

Q.Are these characters based off of real people?
A.Yes. People are wierd on the Internet. All of the main cast I met playing zombie survival and are loosely based off those people.

Q.Can I be in your comic?
A. NO. You may not. >:(

Moar to come laters as things are asked :D