What is this comic about? This comic is about the internets. Specifically the online gaming community, where females are somehow few and far between. It's about the things I've had to deal with as a girl in the gaming scene, all the good and all the bad. More on the bad part. So this comic will jump from different games, but it will mostly take place on games like Zombie Survival/Panic, Gmod, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, Halo: Combat Evolved (PC version), and other odd places. Every story here is based on actual events, or loosely based on strange encounters that happened years ago that are impossible to remember 100% dialog from :3. This comic fell out of my head after bitching about said encounters on my Livejournal, and my buds suggested I go and make a comic about it. So here we are.

This comic is rated a very STRONG PG:13 there won't be tits, but there will be motherfucking swearing. It has since ended in December 2010, but feel free to read over the archives if you like!

And who might I be?

Harrow world my name is Maniac
But I also go by: Keetah, Deus Ex, Mani, Pirate, Roren, Spacefag
Age/Sex: 22, b-day Aug 29th, Female. Lol. Serious I am a girl :<
Where am I?: Pennsylvania, U.S.A
Education: Junior College Student with a Fine Arts Major / Psychology Minor
Classes/skins: Team Fortress: Demoman/Medic, Gmod: Combine Elite, Everywhere else I'm the one in the black armor.
Theme Songs: Stray Cat Strut - Brian Setzer Orchestra
Lurve :D: Giant Killer Robots, old Horror/Sci-Fi flicks, Role Playing, Valve games, Aliens, Zombies, Nerds, Beef Jerky, Drum n' Bass, comics/Graphic Novels, Post-Nuke/Zombie/Steampunk/Modern RPGs, Pokemon, Scientists, Old Epics, old Skool Disney, Folklore, Poprocks, Cacti, PC Games, Cartoons, very carefully selected anime, my Steam Clan Viva La Nerdage, well written and fleshed out OCs, Comedians, 1940's detectives/gumshoes
DO NOT WANT: Whiney Emo Kids, fake punk rockers, reality TV, most modern pop music, bigots, racism, people who judge me based on my sex, people who draw nothing but fanart, Chick Flicks, 98% of Anime, Mary Sues, Chicks who are delusional enough to think they can 'claim' and 'marry' a copyrighted character (seriously wtf), PETA, about 90% of Deviantart, idiots, arrogance/smugness, game lag, angsttttttt

Special thanks go out to Adamska, Garuda, and Icarus, for inspiring me to actually go though with a comic. Sluggy. my love, for loving me for who I am and being the best nerd ever. Everyone on Viva La Nerdage for being the best nerds this side of the internets. Valve Software for making the best games ever, I wouldn't have a story to tell without those nerds. My college roommates for being awesome and not bitchy roomies. The internets for having the craziest bastards out there to write stories about. And of course YOU for reading!